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This package is a collection of programs that standard internet users require in order to expand their internet resources.

Package contents

These programs are freely available for download, but in this package they are simply brought together in one store. The packages are listed in groups based on OS and there are links of the software origin on a standard index page. Examples of programs include; Adobe Acrobat Reader


This package is only availble via a Linux RPM. It is desined to work with a web server, the index page is the main root file. All files are stored in "/home/vhosts". Simply link as needed.


Updates will be made availble when built and ready. Updates will be posted here


The package is freely distributed, any terms and conditions that are supplied by any program in this package must be adhearded to. My-Hosts have all rights to use this package, anyone else may use the package at their own risk. The producers and/or distributors will not be held responsible for any damage caused as a result of installing this package.

The software can be obtained from here
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