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  • Email and web forwarding
    Have all email sent to your domain name redirected automatically to your ISP email account. Also, have anyone who looks up your domain in a web browser get forwarded to your free web space seamlessly, these services are free when your register a domain name with us. It's also free to change the target addresses. Just email support [@]

  • Technical support

    We want to keep you our customers
    happy and this means giving full technical support, email us any time and you should expect a response within 24 hours. to contact us please email us at: support [@]

  • Web Hosting
    Now you have your domain name why not host it on our fast servers. If you have other domains you can always transfer them to us anytime and start saving money.

    Enjoy full peace of mind with fast reliable web access to our dual-redundant machines. All equipment is owned and operated by ourselves, and we are only an email away.

Enjoy full CGI-bin support
with friendly, helpful technical support. More information can be found here

  • Current projects

    We have recently taken over the projects that are currently being developed
    for the purpose of suppling services. believes we can promote and develop software in line with server configurations. Our sister companys will provide other servers to complement us. The projects can be obtained from here

  • Email Systems

    Our efficient systems provide full email services with a backup server which will hold your emails if there are any

    problems. Spam filtering is a must in todays internet usage, this service has been included for your
    benefit free of charge.

  • Control Panel

    Your Control Panel, customed specifically to be used by yourself to view anything you need to view from
    web statistics to setting up a new email. This system being upgraded on a regular basis to keep you up todate with the

    latest features. Only available from