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Control Panel Documentation.

The control panel is a custom based area specific for controlling and maintaining your website.

Web Area

This will allow you to view how many people have accessed your site and more information about those people. This information can alao be used for customising your site in accordance to your visitors.

Email Area

Email Alias Editor.
This section shows you your current email addresses that you have setup on your domain and will allow you to add or delete new ones.


When the control panel is updated the system will find out about the update and warn you that an update is available. The updates vary from bug fixes to new features. When prompted to do so we would always advise you to update. The updates are only available through the control panel and are not sent by any other means.


Admin links
There is a section in the control panel that will enable you to have password protected webpages. This section can either be left as the default, normally "/admin/". Or you can modify the settings to move this admin area into any folder you choose.


Code Cabinet.
This is an extention to the control panel that will give you the ability to store sections of code. The code is stored in a flat file bases system only accessible from the control panel.

DIR Services

Directory Services.
At peesent this will only allow you to view the files you have uploaded but this will be extended shortly.